October 18, 2020

Online Work and Earn Money

Online Work

The real trick to online work and earn money is to find the right job. There are so many different opportunities to work from home these days. You can work for others by answering the phone taking orders, providing customer service or any other numerous tasks. If you have technical skills, you can do remote work as a system administrator. By far the best way I have found for myself is to be in business for myself and create content. It does not take much, and it is the most rewarding work I have ever done. I get to help people and make a living doing it!

Online work requires setting up boundaries and sticking to those boundaries. The reason for this is that you will have many distractions. From your better half, children, pets, neighbors, friends, roommates. Many of these people will think you are not really working and since you are home, they can take advantage of this fact. You will need to set your boundaries, limit distractions, and keep yourself accountable.

Earn Money at Home Distractions

With that in mind you will want to earn your money at home by limiting your distractions! Distractions are everywhere at work it is surfing the web, hanging out at the water cooler, talking with your co-workers, useless meetings, doing “busy work”. Earning money at home has remarkably similar distractions plus the household distractions.

Earn Money at Home Limit Distractions

Set Boundaries

Online Work and Earn Money BoundariesThe number one thing I can advise is when attempting to earn money from home is to set boundaries! Have the guts to set your boundaries and keep those vampires at bay! These people that call themselves your friends, family, roommates, etc. are all well meaning but they are selfish and will intrude on your space unless you set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Set a Schedule

Setup a schedule when you do your work to earn money. Make sure to specify which tasks you perform in that time block. After every 50 minutes of productive work you can reward yourself with 10 minutes of personal indulgences such as social media, shopping, a simple game, meditate, exercise or whatever else you enjoy doing.

Pet Management

Charlie My Cat

Pets are some of the most demanding pains in the asses out there! And managing these little assholes is a must! Yes, you love your pet, yes, your pet keeps you calm, keeps you company and is an emotional security blanket. The thing you must remember, they are attention seeking assholes too! Now, to keep them in check is to give them a place to lay down next to you, or even closing the door and keep them out of your space while you work. After you finish you may spend time with them. The thing they and you need to learn that you need to keep this distraction at bay to make yourself successful!

Manage Social Media

The most difficult distraction to combat is when you are doing your social media work. You are on social media to post content on your business pages not your personal page. One way to combat this is to create a secondary Facebook page make it an admin to your business pages and only use that profile to manage your business pages. Do not add friends do not make friend requests just use it as a management account for your business pages. 


Online Work and Earn Money with Children

Now, you are at home, that means you will be spending more time with your children. In this age of remote learning your children will be in school but will still need you for many things. Tell your children you are working and if it is not an emergency they need to respect the fact you are working and must wait until you finish what you are doing before you can attend to their non-emergent need. If there is an emergency, you will need to be ready to be in action as you are their caregiver. Be sure to schedule enough time before lunch to prepare lunch for you and the children. This is a great time to spend with the kids and talk about any issues they have with school and take care of their needs before they return to virtual school for their afternoon classes and you begin your afternoon schedule for work.

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